Why You Need A Travel Agent Now More Than Ever

Whether you plan to go on a solo trip, backpacking adventure or hit the high seas on a cruise, hiring a travel agent can add convenience to your travel experience. By doing so, you don't have to worry about your transport or itinerary, and you can enjoy your holidays and rejuvenate without any added stress.

You don't know what you don't know, and travel agents can make your trips more memorable, easier, less stressful and even cheaper.

Say you want to rent a Villa in Provence and do it on your own.  It's simple, all you need to do is type in "villa rentals in Provence" on Google search.  Then you have to scroll through the more than 500 million results - many of which look the same, all the while having no idea if they are good, bad and legitimate or in fact are bogus and possible scams.

Next, you'll spend 10 to 20 seconds reviewing each site feeling overwhelmed and most likely wouldn't end up renting a thing.  Or you pick something really simple - like searching for flights.  That's pretty straightforward, right?

Next, you'll spend 10 to 20 seconds reviewing each site feeling overwhelmed and most likely wouldn't end up renting a thing.  Or you pick something really simple - like searching for flights.  That's pretty straightforward, right?

Some major search sites will leave out many flights and even airlines and many won't show real time searches - you'll see a great price, click on it  thinking you've scored the best bargain then get shown that actual price and availability which is a lot moe than what you thought you were going to pay, so there goes your great deal.  These popular aggregators of flight prices may eliminate the need to go to many individual airline websites, but they are not necessarily up-to-the-minute with what the actual airfare prices are.  The great price that you see online may of been a search done a couple of days ago, and we all know how quickly prices will change.

A lot of flights that these you-beaut websites show are also 'basic economy', which means these fares would have a lot of restrictions and fees, so the price you see isn’t going to be the one you end up paying + connections may be way too short or way too long. These are flights that no responsible travel agent would let you book.

Let's have a look at some of the top reasons why you need a travel agent now more than ever!

1. Provide Expert Advice and Guidance

The best travel agents will have in-depth knowledge about different places, the best time to visit, the best flights or cheap airline tickets, and many more insider tips to ensure you have a memorable trip. They would have garnered this through their vast experience in the field of travel over many years working as travel agents.

Besides, they would also have local contacts and connections in most destinations, providing assistance if required.

Travel agents collaborate with airlines, hotels, resorts, and other service providers in the tourism industry. Through this, they can help you get the best deals and reduce all the chances of being prey to scams happening in many famous tourist destinations and online if you DIY your travel. Having a travel agent organise your plans will ensure your safety is a priority and if you do have any complications throughout your trip, you have someone back home to help you.

From passport and visa issues, weather, transit strikes, political unrest, and natural disasters to which travel insurance to get and travel providers going out of business, it's never-ending. How do you navigate all of this if you are a DIY travel planner? To avoid these travel landmines, you need great travel advice from someone in the know. You'll be glad you did.

2. Get access to extras and special offers

By utilising the network that travel agents and their suppliers have access to, you can benefit from great deals and extras that will help you save money.

While travelling with the help of a travel agent, your chances of getting free upgrades in hotels, cruises, and even flights increase. However, it will depend on the availability and the time you choose to travel.

In addition, the best perk of planning to travel with the help of a travel agent is that it saves you precious time. Otherwise, you would have to invest hours burning the midnight oil, researching the best flights or cheap airline tickets, the best place to stay, etc.

3. Offer assistance in case of emergencies

It has become apparent with the pandemic that unprecedented events can happen at any time. It could be a personal emergency or a weather change disrupting your travel plans. These issues can range from cancelled trains and flights to an airline going out of business, affecting your travel plans.

If you have planned your trip with the help of your local travel agent, you have someone to help you through these challenging situations conveniently. They can help you with alternatives and provide other solutions in case of such emergencies. They might also be able to help facilitate your refunds if your travel plans have been cancelled because of an emergency.

Final thoughts

A travel agent aka travel advisor today has a more complex role, they don't just book tickets they are part market researchers, psychologists, concierges and dream makers. They are your fixer, and your little genie in a bottle, with the multitude of services that they provide to ensure you have the best time of your life while you're on holiday. So skip the information overload and make travel easy when you leave booking your travel plans up to an expert.