Top Benefits of Booking Your Travel With OTAs

Every day millions of travellers are searching online looking for the best deals on flights. OTAs have become increasingly popular because the main benefit of booking with an OTA is that they often offer cheaper rates than booking directly with an airline. Airlines will only sell their own flights (or partner airlines' flights). So the main benefit of booking with OTAs iFly displays multi-airline itineraries and provides a secure booking platform, which makes them the traveller's main point of contact for bookings, amendments, or cancellations. Additionally, when passengers have issues or concerns about their trip, there are helpful support teams available to make sure everything goes smoothly!


It's important to do your research before deciding which OTA to use and make sure the online travel agency is registered with AFTA and IATA to ensure you have peace of mind.  Some websites will also offer better deals than others when it comes to airfares, hotel accommodations, car rentals and activities like tours and attractions.

There are many benefits of booking your travel with OTAs, and some of them are detailed down below:

Make Comparisons in the Blink of an Eye

One of the best benefits to booking your vacation online is being able to compare deals, prices and travel products as quickly as possible. Initially, we had to go in-store and sit down with travel agents and go through different brochures and spend hours comparing them but now all you have to do is scroll and search to be able to quickly compare flight options, hotels and much more.

Itineraries for Multiple Airlines

Another advantage of booking your flights with an OTA is the ability to book multi-airline flight itineraries.  An OTA such as iFly will offer more flight combinations than individual airline websites, we mix and match flights from different airlines. The result can be flight combinations that are super cheap, super convenient or both. This means that you can often save money AND spend less time travelling by booking flights via an OTA. In contrast, as mentioned previously, airline websites sell only their own and partner airlines’ flights.

Save Money

Many people have asked iFly why do you find better fares here than directly with the airlines?

The answer, airlines offer financial incentives to iFly based on large booking levels. These are passed onto clients in the form of discounted flights. The takeaway here is that even if you’re only interested in flights with a particular airline, it’s worth your time to also check on iFly too.

Flexibility, Time & Personalisation

Travellers, particularly younger travellers don't want to spend a lot of time trying to find the best price or not be able to see what is included in the airfare.  OTAs have the ability to ease these challenges and offer a level of personalisation that individual airlines and hotels don't necessarily have the ability to offer.  Consumers searching to book travel online get all of their options in one place as well as package deals.  Being able to save time by getting all your information in one place is another obvious benefit of booking with an online travel agency.


Many travellers are looking for independence in their travel itineraries and being able to book with an OTA enables them to have that freedom in their travel plans.  FIT travel is growing in popularity, because of the ability to have more flexible departure and return dates that fit into the traveller's schedule and not that other way around.  Most OTAs offer access to not only flights but car hire, hotels and more making it easier for independent travellers to plan their holidays with the budget they have and go with the people they want to travel with.

You can get all this plus the security of it being arranged by an online Travel Agency that also has experienced travel agents just a quick live chat away if you need help.

Insurance at the Click of a Button

It is essential when you travel, especially now more than ever to have travel insurance.  When you book your travel plans using an OTA you also have access to great deals on travel insurance.  There is no need to look elsewhere as you have everything you need in one platform to ensure your holiday is covered.

The world is at our fingertips

Booking flights has never been faster or easier with iFly. You can quickly compare prices, durations and stops between multiple airlines by using their intuitive website interface that offers the widest range of options in a short amount of time frame!


Using the sort and filter functions can also make the process of searching for flights even faster. So, if you’re looking for the widest range of options in the shortest amount of time, it makes sense to book flights with iFly. And even better, iFly's online booking engine is backed by humans that are just a quick call, email or live chat away to help you book and plan your next adventure.