Pets on Planes! Aussies may soon be able to take their fury friends onboard

Have you ever wanted to sit next to your pet on a plane? Well, now you might be able to.


Aussies may soon be able to sit with their pets on flights after the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s changes to general flight and operating rules come into effect in December.


From 2 December, responsibility for allowing pets in the cabin would be passed to the pilot-in-command, with a few general guidelines to be observed, the Australian reported.


When giving permission, you may need to consider the type of animal and how it is carried, contained and restrained; its reaction to noise and being out of its natural environment; nuisance to other passengers; a distraction to the flight crew; and how excrement or fluids will be contained,” the new CASA rules state.


“A large animal should always be secured so as not to damage or affect the balance of the aircraft in flight. A small or medium-sized animal carried in the cabin would normally need as a minimum to be restrained during takeoff and landing and in turbulence.”


Qantas and Jetstar have already ruled out allowing pets in the cabin, but Virgin Australia is leaving the door open.


Many American and European carriers allow pets in the cabin of domestic and international flights, but pets in Australia are restricted to travelling in the cargo hold of aircraft.


The airline industry has had huge losses over the past 18 months due to COVID-19, so these changes to allow pets to sit with their owners in the cabins could be the enticement that gets pet owners travelling again.

Let us know what you think.  Would you like to see pets in the cabin?