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visit the most populous metropolis in the world and taste the local foods in JAPAN's capital 

Tokyo is Japan's capital and one of the busiest cities in the world. Its pop culture clashes with its traditional temples and natural beauty, making it a great destination to visit. Home of the world-famous Tsukiji Market, Sensoji Temple and the Meiji Shrine. Search for cheap flights to Tokyo and discover unlimited opportunities to eat, watch a sumo match, and explore buildings and old temples that make this place one of the most unique cities on the planet. 


Top 5 Things to do in Tokyo
Cheapest time to fly to Tokyo

A less crowded and more budget-friendly time to fly to Tokyo is during March and April to May, as well as September to November.  The most expensive month for flights is December.

TOKYO Airport (TYO)

Tokyo has two international airports: Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, and Narita International Airport. Haneda is located in Ota, less than 20km (30 minutes) away from the Tokyo train station while Narita is located in Chiba prefecture more than 70km (1 hour) away. 

Haneda until 2010 handled almost all domestic flights departing from Tokyo while Narita handled the international flights. 


You can get to the city centre by train. From the Haneda Airport, you can take take the Tokyo Monorail, a train that leaves at every 10 minutes and costs around 6 Australian Dollars and it takes around 17 minutes to get to Tokyo Station. From the Narita International Airport, you can take the Narita Skyliner Express, that is a train that leaves at every 20 minutes and it costs around 36 Australian Dollars to get to the Tokyo Station. 

The Narita Skyliner Express is one of Japan's fastest trains, which can get up to 160 km/h and has free Wi-fi available. To board into the train a physical ticket is needed. The Tokyo Monorail is slower and gets up to 80km/h during it's 17km line.

There are several bus lines departing from Haneda and Narita Airports. When arriving on a flight, remember to check the bus timetables in the International Passenger Terminal and purchase a ticket before boarding the bus.  

The average cost from Haneda to Tokyo Station is around 150 Australian Dollars, while from Narita is around 317 Australian Dollars.

There is Uber in Tokyo, however they are few and more expensive than taking a taxi. The good thing is a cashless transaction, perfect for those not carrying much money on them.

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Getting Around Tokyo

There are a number of ways you can get yourself around Tokyo to see all the major sites this beautiful and historic city has to offer. Subway and trains are the best way to see Tokyo, and you can get a prepaid Suica or Pasmo card that is the best way to pay for transport. Buses can be useful but not ideal. Getting to know which bus goes where and where to get off can be really tricky. 

Most of Tokyo's major urban hubs are located on the "Loop Line", which makes it easy to just ride the subway to get to those places. It is recommended to get Suica/Pasmo card when you arrive at Narita or Haneda. After using the initial credit, you can top them up using machines at the train stations. And don't forget to return them as you leave, so you can get back your 500 Yen deposit.

Getting a taxi in Tokyo can be a good way to go to places that are not near a train or subway station. They are a good option if you have many luggages or have more people to split the fare, because they can be very expensive. 

Hiring a Car in Tokyo

Discover Tokyo and the surrounding areas at your own pace when you hire a car. There is easy pick up and drop off options at the airport or at some destinations in the city.  At iFly we have amazing prices and car options for you to choose, so buckle yourself in with iFly and click here to get a car hire quote.

Don't forget before you fly

If you have an Australian passport you have up to 90 days stay in Tokyo without a visa. For visa requirements please check with Japan's Embassy in Australia.

Make sure you're covered and have organised your Travel Insurance before you go.

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