one of the best first class carriers in the world

Renowned airline that serves more than 200 destinations worldwide.

Air France is a global airline that serves more than 200 destinations in 98 countries, managing 1,500 flights daily. The airline boasts  nearly 230 aircrafts - both Boeing and Airbus carriers, although the majority of short haul flights are on Airbus aircraft. The company was born from the merge of four of the leading French transport companies; initiated in 1933 it has established itself as a first class carrier.

The Classes of Air France

First Class (La Première)

First-class passengers are welcomed into the cabin where everything emanates sophistication and style. The passengers can manage their trip in whichever way they want, being able to move around the cabin or relaxing privately in the suite. If you're travelling with someone it's possible to invite them to enjoy the flight in your cabin, where there is a large table and an elegant and comfortable ottoman. 

The passengers are offered a mix of amuse-bouches, followed by soup, a carefully prepared main course, a selection of cheeses, and a basket of warm, crusty bread, a dessert, a fruity pleasure from their fruit basket, or a selection of their ice creams and sorbets. It's also possible to order complimentary drinks and snacks to be delivered to your seat whenever you want. La Première meal service gives you freedom: you choose when and what to eat, being able to compose your meal as you like.


Business Class

On Intercontinental flights, business class passengers stay in a comfortable cabin that serves as an office, entertainment lounge and bedroom throughout the flight. The seat reclines into fully flat beds measuring nearly 2m, and passengers also receive a feather pillow and a soft duvet. The business cabin also offers everything you need to work in comfort like a power outlet to recharge your phone or laptop, an adjustable reading lamp, noise-cancelling headphones and storage space. The 16" HD touchscreen monitor turn your space into a an entertainment lounge with movie classics and blockbusters, documentaries, TV series, music, games and much more. The catalogue is updated every month bringing new entertainment options for the passengers.


Passengers on the economy class are offered as they settle into their seats a refreshing towel to relax. If you want to rest, they can hand you a pillow, sleeping mask and a blanket. Electrical outlets are available in every row and also a USB port is located under your screen. Some aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi, making it possible to connect to the internet straight from your phone, tablet or laptop. Food and drink appropriate to the time of day and length of your flight will be served; breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner may be offered with hot, cold and alcoholic beverages. 

Special fares

Disabled passengers may be entitled to additional services, including at airport care, reduced fare or priority boarding - please contact the airline for more information. If travelling on an adult's lap, infants under 2 years of age can fly free of charge on domestic flights within France. On international flights they receive a 90% fare reduction. It is also possible to book a seat for your infant (child fare), but the car seat must conform to safety terms and conditions. Children's fares may be reduced 50% on domestic trips and 33% on medium and long haul flights, so remember to alert the airline before travelling.


Passengers may check-in two bags, with a maximum weight of 23kg, which the dimensions should not exceed 158cm total (length + width + height). For the hand baggage each passenger may carry one bag of 55x35x25cm in size, and this bag should not weigh more than 10kg. One personal item is also allowed, such as a purse, umbrella or blanket. Additional hand luggage may be available to frequent fliers or premier passengers; check before your flight.